My many thanks to the editors at Wild Roof Journal for including my essay Fortson in their May issue. The essay is about an after-school visit of the mill ruins near our home. We seem to visit this spot at least a few times a week but that day was especially memorable. Enjoy the many fine essays, poems, photography and artwork in the journal.

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  1. Jeff Cann says:

    Is it universal or reserved for a few dreamers. Nothing to me is more exciting than rummaging an abandoned barn, combing a drained pond, or squeezing into a bramble and finding whiskey bottles from prohibition. It turns me into an 8 year old.

    1. Me too – nothing more exciting than finding long forgotten treasures while poking around in the woods.

  2. northcreekpressa6def5f7e7 says:

    Love this piece about finding things in the woods with kids. Especially when they find the saw, glinting, and everyone stops to pay attention! Then they cover it up, glint gone.

    1. Thanks! And we have never found the saw again though we have been looking…..

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