I am very glad to start the year with a short piece of fiction selected for the Winter 2021 issue of Up North Literary Journal. I hope the New Year is better for all of us – everywhere. Blessings. Dawn Erickson — Up North Lit Up North Lit


I’m pleased to say I have a piece of flash fiction up at  Cease, Cows. Check it out or read many of the other fine pieces they have.   My piece does have a CW: assault. TV Vampires by Dawn Erickson

Moonlight Sonata

  I stand in the garden watching a crescent moon hover above the tips of the fir trees.  The thrushes surge in their singing as they do at dusk and swallows swirl about the eves. Music drifts out an open window – my son playing piano – like I have never heard before. Teenage angst…