A Cold Wind

This was no extraordinary day.  An old man in a hat walked around the yard.  A boy sat in a chair.  Then a cold wind came down the boney back of the mountain.

But what was I expecting?  The cat stared out the window as wind tossed the branches about and eagles circled the chickens next door.   I watched the golden burning light sift through the curtains.  How beautiful it made the cat.  In the dying light she rose up and walked through  soft folds of amber.

It is heavenly like this at the end of the day, when black enfolds the mountain and dust falls back to earth.   Stars fill the blank black sky.  Then the  cat curls into the corner and  fire licks the wood to ash.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. “…the cat curls into the corner and fire licks the wood to ash,”
    This is beautiful. Especially the description of the fire. This sentence sets an entire scene by itself.

  2. Aunt Beulah says:

    This is like a prose poem with your words creating one vivid image after another, enabling me to see each image through your eyes. A sense of peace stirred in me as I read.

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