I live with my husband and son along the Stillaguamish River in the Pacific Northwest. My sister suggested I write about our backyard. I realized it’s a big backyard with lots to write about. We’ll see how it goes as I write about life along the river and everything in between.

My many, many thanks to all who stop by to take a look and read a bit of my writings.  And many thanks to my husband for letting me use many of his photos on this site and to my son for asking great questions and providing so many stories.

Dawn Erickson

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  1. gemmautting says:

    Good idea. Savor the moments. I love being a Mum too!

  2. What a beautiful name “Life Along The River”! Good subject line. Keep sharing. Bests!

  3. Countrypkin says:

    I lived on the river for 10 years, and loved it. That is until we endured three “500 year” floods in the span of 3 years. We moved after the last one. Traded floods for Tornadoes…… though I love our new “home” the latter of the two is by far the scariest.
    We have very fond memories of our life on the river. A special place to raise a family.
    I look forward to your posts!

    1. Life Along The River says:

      Thanks! I used to live with tornados and traded for wet and floods. We live about a half mile from the river with a rail road grade between. We’re hoping that keeps us from the 500 year floods that do seem to come every couple years now…….

  4. Rachael Charmley says:

    What a lovely blog! I look forward to exploring. 🙂

    1. Thanks Rachael! and I very much enjoyed your blog too and will be back to read more of your writing.

  5. I really enjoyed “Pretend You’re A Prairie.” Early in my career, I lived on the prairie in west-central Minnesota and it still speaks to me.
    Thanks for following WordSisters. I hope you’ll enjoy our perspectives.

    1. Thanks! I grew up in Minnesota – and always enjoyed the transition from from forest to prairie. I still miss the wide open spaces. I loved your essay on the Brevity blog and was happy to find your blog. I look forward to following

  6. Elizabeth di Grazia says:

    Thanks for liking WordSisters. I grew up on a farm and very much enjoyed it!

  7. Sylvia Stauffer says:

    Nice to read your work, as someone who’d also rather be out swimming in rivers or poking thru trees than doing other things.

    1. Thanks Sylvia for stopping by and reading some of my writing. Yes – poking around in the woods is what i most like to do. And swim. I look forward to reading more of your writing also!

  8. Andrea Menin says:

    I love reading these finely crafted notes about your microbiome. I look forward to exploring more.

    1. Thanks Andrea! I’m glad you are enjoying and many thanks for reading.

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